Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware
Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware
Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware
Thirtyseven4 Complete Non-Profit Security Solutions

Non-Profit organizations work very hard to thrive in today’s shifting economy, and Thirtyseven4 is aware that computer security issues that could compromise daily success must be avoided.  Thirtyseven4 has tailored many security solutions to fit the unique needs of Non-Profits.  We understand the need to stretch a dollar and to work smarter, and these are two principles at the heart of our security products.

Thirtyseven4 Complete Education Solutions for K12 Schools & Universities

The Thirtyseven4 Non-Profit Product Suite includes:

Thirtyseven4 Complete Non-Profit Security Solutions   Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware

One of the cornerstones of Thirtyseven4 is excellent Support (ask our customers!).  From installation to questions on the latest virus threats, our Support is available, U.S.-based, free and friendly. (Really!) Touch base with Thirtyseven4 through live-chat, email and our toll free phone number.
Viruses don’t wear watches, and that’s why we are available to support your security issues daily from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Eastern, with extended hours help available upon request.  Utilize our Knowledgebase page which lists common (and uncommon) solutions to security issues you may encounter.

Non-Profits are continually forced to do more with less money.  Thirtyseven4 understands the financial burdens on your organizations, and we're here to help.  Non-Profit organizations can expect to get up to a 70% Discount on normal MSRP.  Thirtyseven4 desires to provide superior protection and service at prices your organization can afford.  
If you are interested in receiving a no obligation quote, please click the ‘Quote’ button below and a Sales Account Manager will service you today.

Thirtyseven4 also offers the following program focusing on assisting non-profit organizations:

Thirtyseven4 Tablet Security Initiative--
Qualifying non-profit organizations will receive Thirtyseven4 Tablet Security for Android at no cost.

Thirtyseven4 Complete Non-Profit Security Solutions 

Thirtyseven4 Complete Non-Profit Security Solutions
Free Ohio Technical Support, Thirtyseven4 Antivirus

Thirtyseven4 decided on day one to give a portion of every Thirtyseven4 sale to the Non-Profit Remember Nhu. They are a foundation that prevents at-risk children from getting caught up in the s.e.xual slave industry.  Remember Nhu literally saves children from a life of misery, shame and isolation.
“Thirtyseven4, Steve [owner], Sarah and their children have become AWESOME Supporters, Champions, and Friends of Remember Nhu and my wife and I.  Through their support they have helped us keep an additional 40 to 50 Children from ever entering the sex trade!"

Carl Ralston, President & Founder
Remember Nhu


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