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Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware
Security Column for Ministry Tech Magazine

“Protected with Purpose”
A Monthly Security Column Written by Steven Sundermeier (Owner of Thirtyseven4) for Ministry Tech Magazine.

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April 2018
Protected with Purpose:  Malicious or Not Malicious, That is the Real (Time) Question
Explore the heauristics of virus detection and proactive identification-through the eyes of a seven year old. - Click Here for the Article

Thirtyseven4, Protected with Purpose - Ministry Tech Magazine

March 2018
IWhy Malicious Hackers May Be a Reflection of Our Society - Click Here for the Article

February 2018

Protected with Purpose:  The Other Side of Bitcoin
It’s Here to Stay - Click Here for the Article

January 2018
Protected with Purpose:  Never-Ending Updates And Their Dark Potential
In Cyber-Security-and Bible Apps - "Meh" Doesn't Cut It - Click Here for the Article

November/December 2017

Protected with Purpose:  The Magic Key
Do you Trust Amazon as Much as you Trust Santa - Click Here for the Article

October 2017

Protected with Purpose:  ChMS Security Highlight
Simple practices can make a world of difference - Click Here for the Article
September 2017

Protected with Purpose:  It’s Trivia Time - Old School Meets New School
The carefree days of using “password” as your password and other simple trends will usher you into the realm of infection and ransomware in a hurry.
Click Here for the Article

July/August 2017

Protected with Purpose:  Summer Online Security Trivia
The global WannaCry threat (in May) can be best classified as what type of malware? - Find out what car games and trivia questions have in common.
Click Here for the Article

June 2017

Protected with Purpose:  The Real Problem Behind WannaCry (The Ransomware Attack Was Avoidable.)
Our laziness, or our perceived contentment (“everything is working fine”) can be summarized in one word: WannaCry. - Click Here for the Article

May 2017

Protected with Purpose:   So, You Think Your Apple MacBook is Secure? (Think again!)
Protecting your Mac is essential and vital to the safety of the system and your confidential work. - Click Here for the Article

April 2017

Protected with Purpose:   Smartphones Require Smart Protection Now!
The threats are real. If you are wondering where to begin in securing your smartphone, or what steps would be helpful - Click Here for the Article

March 2017

Protected with Purpose:   RaaS and Our Lack of Contentment
Ransomware just moved to another level. 
Click Here for the Article

February 2017

Protected with Purpose:   Protecting Little Eyes -- and Big Ones, Too!
Protecting our kids’ eyes and hearts is a steep mountain to climb. 
Click Here for the Article

January 2017

Protected with Purpose:   Deepest, Darkest…Keep Your Information YOUR Information
Ransoc is the latest in a long line of new ransomware variations.  Unlike most ransomware to-date, Ransoc does not look to encrypt files it locates on the system...its payload may be considered worse...
Click Here for the Article

December 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Christmas Edition: A True Smart Home
Unwrap the hidden dangers of a “Smart Home”.  How Christmas gifts with the latest technology challenge your security.
Click Here for the Article

November 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Can Your Team Fight Off a Brute Force Attack?  How to Guard Against the Next Iteration of Ransomware
The latest game-changer in the fight against ransomware is the new strategy of infecting network systems via Brute Force Attack.
Click Here for the Article

October 2016

Protected with Purpose:  CRYPMIC – Seal Your Cyber Doors and Windows to Keep the Bugs Out!
Find out how this newest form of the Crypmic ransomware spreads and operates. And given the severity of the CrypMic threat, check our recommendations moving forward in protecting against this nasty malware:
Click Here for the Article

September 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Avoid the Residue of a Spill
A data breach can be defined as an intentional or unintentional release of private and confidential information to an unwanted source (think hacker or other form of cybercriminal).  Not all data breaches are created equal, and they can appear in different shapes and sizes. Find out more...
Click Here for the Article

August 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.
Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Find out what Bitcoins, the “Bitcoin Miner Family”, malware and the Cleveland Cavaliers share...
Click Here for the Article

July 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Flipping Channels and Flipping Passwords
Creating and maintaining passwords is one of the most critical (and easy) steps a user can take to keep the information stored on their computer or portable devices safe and secure.
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May 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Rampant Rise of Ransomware (Alert -TA16-091A)
On March 31, 2016, The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in collaboration with the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) issued a joint Security ALERT pertaining to guess what?  Ransomware.
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April 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Stranger Danger – The Google Play Store and Safety Town
When considering the safety (or lack thereof) of the Internet, the phrase “stranger danger “can mean a lot of different things. Learn how to identify a fake app from the Google Play Store.
Click Here for the Article

March 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Is free really free
There is huge appeal for programs and apps online (or anywhere!) offering to perform functionality’s free of charge.  However, there is also a question that must be seriously considered, "Is free really free?
Click Here for the Article

February 2016

Protected with Purpose:  Keeping the Odds in Your Favor
The average per-day number of Android and Windows malware files totaled more than 450,000 samples. Are the odds of getting infected stacked against you?
Click Here for the Article

December 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Keeping Your Batteries Charged
Do you know the difference between Battery Life and Battery LifeSpan? Learn some obvious performance suggestions to maximize your devices Battery Life.
Click Here for the Article

November 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Lock the Front Door!  Keep Your Device…Your Device.
Pattern-locking, an option that offers a 3-by-3 dot grid, where a user can connect the dots to form a recognizable “pattern” password. Learn more.
Click Here for the Article

October 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Looking Back at the Last Nine Months
How did we do with our security predictions made in January?  Did Mobile Malware Surpass Windows Malware?  Is Ransomware Still a Problem?
Click Here for the Article

September 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Windows 10- Try It On Now or Later?
Should you go out and download Windows 10 right away? What about the security protection offered by Windows 10?
Click Here for the Article

August 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Getting Rid of Pesky Mosquitoes (i.e. Toolbars)
Like Mosquitoes, Toolbars can be very pesky.  So whether you accidentally installed a toolbar or a toolbar got installed without your consent, we’re providing some information and steps to remove them.

July 2015

Protected with Purpose:  More than Meets the Eye
Stegosploit is the latest trick to be turned and exploited by cybercriminals to hide undesirable or malicious code inside a picture’s pixels. Find out more. 

June 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Don’t Waste your Talent
Author of ransomware “Locker” feels remorse, changes course and decides to decrypt infected systems.  

May 2015

Protected with Purpose:  The Case of the Lenovo Superfish?
Pre-installed Superfish Visual Discovery software on select Lenovo laptops create massive security hole. 

April 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Securing your Galaxy?
Over 1,700,000 mobile malware samples received in the 1st Quarter of 2015  

March 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Do you see Blue & Black or White & Gold, Harmless or Harmful?
Email attachments: Are they Harmful or Harmless?  

February 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Ransomware on the Rise
Ransomware detection up over 40% in January 2015; Thirtyseven4 Cryptobit decryption tool approaches 250,000 downloads  

January 2015

Protected with Purpose:  Harvesting Stone Crabs and Email Addresses: Ingenious vs. Infiltration
Specialized attacks directed at administrative staffs of medium to large size Churches targeting payroll accounts.  

December 2014

Tis the Season for Online Shopping
With Christmas around the corner, online shopping has become busier than ever.  Learn how to keep your purchases and wallet safe from cyber attacks.  

November 2014
A is for Awareness and U is for Understanding
When talking about computer security, many times people misuse common words, such as Virus. Learn about common antivirus vocabulary and why it’s important.

October 2014
Properly Taking Out The Trash
Everyone hates getting flooded with spam emails, but have you ever wondered if hitting unsubscribe the best way to deal with it? 

September 2014
I Don’t Use Antivirus Software Because…
For some reason as we get older we tend to forget how important some of the common safety precautions are. Don’t let antivirus be one of them.

August 2014
The #IceBucketChallenge Precaution
The ice bucket challenge was a phenomenon that swept the world and raised millions of dollars for charity. Learn how to keep yourself safe during these internet fads and how cyber criminals try to exploit them.

July 2014
Experience 100% Security
How hard would it be for you to become totally unplugged for a day? Learn about the experiences of Steve, the owner of Thirtyseven4, as he becomes totally unplugged for a week.

June 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: Don’t be on the losing side
As with many international events, the 2014 World Cup is a prime topic for cyber hackers to exploit. Don’t let yourself be fooled by false emails and advertisements.

May 2014
There is Strength in Length: The Importance of Passwords
We all use passwords in our daily life, but how many of us are using strong enough passwords to adequately secure our information? Find out how to make a strong password.

April 2014
Heartbleed and Windows XP End-of-Life; What You Need to Know
Q & As on popular technology topics related to Windows XP and recent technology.

March 2014
Don’t Be a Target of Retargeting!
Have you ever searched something on the internet and then on every website you go on it shows up in your “similar interests” bar?

February 2014
Extinction List +1 Flappy Joins the Dodo
When a game as popular as Flappy Bird is taken off the market, how do cyber criminals capitalize on the situation?

January 2014
Windows XP Unplugged
How will Microsoft discontinuing new updates for Windows XP affect you and your business?

December 2013
Predicting 2014
2013 was a big year for antivirus. Find out what threats to look out for in 2014.

November 2013
Churches under Increased International Cyber Attacks
As we move into the future, many hackers have begun targeting sacred ground. Why have churches become targets of international attacks?

October 2013
Simple yet Sage Advice
There are many things that we learn that will always help us in life and email consciousness is one of them.

September 2013
Shipping Wars
As online shopping becomes more popular, so do fraudulent shipping emails. Learn how to prevent yourself from falling for a fake shipping email scam.

August 2013
Trojan Defender Be Wary of Trojan Malware Asking you to Open your Gates!
There are countless programs out there disguised as genuine products. Is your mobile device a victim of a Trojan Virus?

July 2013
App Safety: Too Many Apps Can Spoil Your Appetite
Does having too many applications on your mobile device put your information at risk?

June 2013
A Parenting Guide for Getting Children Interested in Cyber Security
With technology becoming ever so prevalent in our children’s everyday life, there are many ways that parents can teach their children about online dangers.

May 2013
Worm Vobfus tricky and technical
What exactly is a computer worm and how do you protect against it?

April 2013
Common Sense and Routine Updates are Keys to Online Safety
It’s easy to keep your computer safe as long as you just use some common sense, but don’t forget to stay up to date.

SM-Steven Sundermeier


Steven Sundermeier is the owner of Thirtyseven4, LLC, a leading provider of antivirus/security software. With 19 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, he is one of the Nation's leading experts in virus, malware and other threats. Steven is a current source for media inquiries related to the latest viruses and Malware, and has been regularly quoted by many national and local media outlets on the threats posed by malware, including CNN, Computer World, WTAM, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal. Before founding Thirtyseven4 in 2009, Steven worked in a number of roles in the anti-virus industry dating back to 1999. Steven holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Miami University with an minor in Computer Science. His desire is to serve the public with the most aggressive antivirus software on the market accompanied by unparelled Support services. He resides in Medina, Ohio, with his wife and three children.

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