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July 30, 2013

Security Advisory:  Antivirus Firm Thirtyseven4 Cautions of President Barack Obama-themed Malware  

Trojan targets personal and banking information. Critical steps to avoid falling victim to fake emails

MEDINA, Ohio, July 30 – Thirtyseven4, LLC, a leading provider of Windows, Mac and Android antivirus solutions, cautioned today of the fake CNN Breaking News email circulating “in-the-wild” containing the subject line, “Obama speech to urge ‘refocus’ on economy”.  The unsolicited email contains a forged email address appearing to be sent directly from CNN, and its body message contains embedded links that if clicked direct unknowing users to malicious websites.

Upon analysis of the embedded links, Thirtyseven4 Researchers found that by clicking the links, a user will be directed to a website that prompts the user to download a fake Adobe Flash update. Users installing the update will inadvertently install a Trojan belonging to the Zeus malware family.  [A Trojan is a type of malware that pretends to perform a specific function but instead does harm by performing a malicious action, such as granting unauthorized access to a user's computer.]   The infamous Zeus family of malware is well-known for its ability to steal personal and banking information.  “With regard to the Trojan Zeus, once it infects a system it keeps itself concealed until the user browses to a financial or banking website in which case it awakens to retrieve and relay the entered account credentials,” stated, Steven Sundermeier, Owner of Thirtyseven4, LLC. 

“Whether it’s President Barack Obama, Paula Deen, or Kate Middleton and Prince William, cybercriminals find their prey by capitalizing on high-profile celebrities and the top news stories surrounding them.  Their tactics are alluring and sophisticated, and our guard needs to be up.” concluded Sundermeier.

Thirtyseven4 suggests four simple steps to avoid falling victim to Zeus and other similar attacks:
1. When interested in hot news topics, go to a reputable news source website by typing in the web address directly in to the browser

2. Never click ‘Ok’, ’Yes’, or similar if a message box should appear seeking or giving permission to install some component, object or update, when visiting or being re-directed to unknown websites

3. Make sure that antivirus software is installed and that its’ virus database files are up-to-date

4. Maintain regular operating system updates

A technical description of the Trojan has been posted at: 

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