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January 20, 2010

Antivirus Company Thirtyseven4 Stresses Online Diligence When Donating Online To Haiti
Latest round of rogueware exploiting the Haiti earthquake relief effort

MEDINA, Ohio, Jan.20 /PRNewswire -- Antivirus and security firm Thirtyseven4, LLC announced today the rise of cybercriminals exploiting the Haiti earthquake relief effort.  As expected, a growing number of cybercriminals are surfacing with the intent of taking advantage of those who seek to donate money to Haiti. Thirtyseven4 recommends a high level of online diligence when researching and donating to the Haiti cause.

Thirtyseven4 and its partners have observed rogue application generators performing search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning on popular search engine results. Internet users researching information on the Haiti earthquake and hitting these sites are being redirected to infected websites that download and install the rogueware.  Rogueware is a form of software that intentionally deceives users into paying for phony virus removal software.  It has also been observed that a growing number of fake groups and Haiti donation groups have surfaced on social networking websites.

"It greatly saddens me during this time of crisis that there are people out there that stoop so low as to exploit the generous hearts of many.  People need to know to use caution.   However, there are many legitimate donation sites setup to genuinely help the people of Haiti," said Steven Sundermeier, Owner of Thirtyseven4, LLC.  Thirtyseven4 encourages online donations, but highly recommends using common sense and not responding to any unsolicited emails or filling out any online donation form received on social networking websites.   “Thirtyseven4 made its online donation from the North American Mission Board webpage," concluded Sundermeier. 

Thirtyseven4 Antivirus has been updated to detect the Haiti rogueware applications and continues to monitor the situation for updates.

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