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Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware
Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware

January 18, 2011

AntiVirus Company Thirtyseven4 Helps Educate Schools with New Poster Series
Free scareware and hacking themed posters now available

Thirtyseven4 Antivirus | AntiMalware | AntiRootkit | AntiSpyware

MEDINA, Ohio, January 18 -- Antivirus and security company Thirtyseven4, LLC announced today the immediate availability of their 2011 set of Educational Internet Security Awareness Posters.   The new poster series, created for school classrooms and computer labs, helps educate students and staff on the latest emerging technical dangers.   The 2011 posters offer a fresh look at scareware and in addition also address the legal ramifications of "hacking".  Scareware is a form of malicious software appearing as legitimate security software that attempts to trick unknowing users into purchasing by displaying fake virus alerts and other security messages.
Based on research conducted by the Thirtyseven4 Antivirus team, it is estimates that over fifty percent of schools have encountered at least one scareware infection over the last calendar year and scareware remains the current top virus-related issue affecting schools.  Students and staff continue to unknowingly click on scareware bluffs, thus infecting school pc’s, and throwing wrenches into a Technology Coordinator’s day.   “In an effort to help educators raise awareness in their schools to protect against the greatest online security threats, we have made our custom-designed security posters free to schools for use in their classrooms and computer labs. We’re in constant contact with school administrators and are continually updating our educational pieces to reflect and avoid the latest dangers,” said Steven Sundermeier, Owner of Thirtyseven4.  “I’m proud to say that last year we were able to distribute nearly one thousand posters to school systems across the country and we have set a company goal to quadruple that number this year.  The entire Thirtyseven4 team is more committed than ever to help in the education of safe computing practices among teachers and students,” concluded Sundermeier.  

Schools interested in obtaining the free 2011 set of Educational Internet Security Awareness Posters set can visit
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About Thirtyseven4:
Born out of a desire to better connect antivirus protection solutions with premium customer support and service, Thirtyseven4, LLC seeks to protect schools, businesses, governmental agencies and home-users with the best antivirus products available.  Thirtyseven4 is an American company built on honesty, trust and value for the customer.  Thirtyseven4 Antivirus is available online at 

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